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SAB is a System Group company specialising in the production of pipe fittings and accessories for irrigation, for the delivery of water and gas and for water drainage.
SAB has a firm structural and production base, with a capillary sales network in Italy and worldwide, supplying over 80 foreign countries in the 5 continents.
A new factory was opened in 2007 in Sant’Angelo in Vado (PU), Italy, close to the other historical System Group plants. 
The new structure was the result of an important investment where the best production and logistic technologies were merged to offer products with a high quality/price value, and an ever-improving service level. CLIENTS are the most valuable assets to SAB: our technical and sales team is always available to meet your requirements with the professionalism, courtesy and kindness that have always been our typical feature..

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 Via Salvo D'Acquisto sn - Z.I. - 61048 - Sant'Angelo in Vado (PU)
Tel. 0722/810000 - FAX 0722/810158 -




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